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Mega Union Technology, a professional design and engineering company, was established in 2005. We specialize in high purity water systems and industrial wastewater recycling and treatment as well as polish resin and RO regeneration services. Our team members have acquired specialties in the industry and obtained multinational management experience. Young and zeal are characteristic of Mega union. We believe ¡upeople¡vis the key to successful company operations. Mega Union cares for its employees. Customer satisfaction is maintained best by satisfied employees. We offer customer services with high enthusiasm. The enthusiastic spirit helps us to look through things from customers¡¦ point of view and further resolve their problems. This is how we achieve our promise of customer satisfaction. In addition, we build up customers¡¦ trust by devoting to advanced professional skills, improved hardware quality, and better timing and reliability of our services.

Besides our outstanding performance in the professional industrial area, we expect to reveal the ultimate service spirit through well trained employees and to continue to be a service group which interacts with customers enthusiastically. To face the challenge of the new era, we will strive for creating clients¡¦ profits and value on the basis of a discreet and practical attitude.

Technology R&D, project execution, after sales services, factory supports, and business development are the five systems that Mega Union excels at.

Efficient operational process and services, ranging from research and evaluation to engineering planning, design and construction, operations and maintenance, and expansion and update make the five systems integrate and function perfectly in order to provide the most suitable solutions for each project.

Through standardization of the working process and flexible strategy applications, we satisfy the customers with reasonable costs, stable quality, and precise working schedule.




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